Prevention of HIV/AIDS & STD



Akimbo Society is one of the pioneer Voluntary Organisations in Nagaland to work among Commercial Sex workers and Injecting Drug Users. The Organisation has been implementing targeted intervention programme among Commercial Sex workers in Dimapur and injecting drug users in Akuluto Sub-division, Nagaland since the year 2000. The main objective of this project is to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS & STD. The Society has 28 dedicated full time staffs and 16 part-time staffs who are with upto date knowledge on HIV/AIDS & STD. Some of the main activities and achievements in the year 2007 – 08 of the project are as follows; 

1) Identification and Education on HIV/AIDS & STD: 

Ignorance is one of the causes for the spread of HIV/AIDS & STD. As such, Akimbo Society ventured into every nook and corner of its intervention sites to spread the message of HIV/AIDS & STD among the general population and the project beneficiaries. In the year 2007-08, the society was able to identify 233 new female sex workers and educated them on HIV/AIDS. Apart from educating the new clients, the society educated a total of 6,574 female sex workers and their partners. 

2) Condom Promotion: 

Condom plays a vital role in harm reduction. In order to promote the usage of condom, the society distributes condom free of cost to female sex workers (clients) as well as to their partners. Simultaneously, the staff and peer educators sensitises sex worker and their partner’s on the value of condom.  To facilitate easy accessibility to condoms, a number of condom outlets were set up in hot spots of the intervention sites and condoms are made available for 24 hours in all the 365 days of the year and during the reporting period a total of 260,920 pieces of condoms were distributed free of cost.

3) Free STI treatment to sex workers and their partners: 

As part of the preventive measures, the society identifies STI and gives treatments free of cost to all the STI patients. The society also provides asymptomatic treatment to all the identified sex workers once in three months. The society runs STI clinic manned by two staff nurse and a visiting Doctor, who visit the society’s clinic thrice a week. During the last reporting period 2007 – 08, a total of 1061 sex workers and their partners visited the STI clinic out which 239 clients were found to be STI positive. The different types of STI diagnosed and the number of patients is given in the table below;


Sl. No.


Types of STI syndromes


Total No. of STI patients
























4) Advocacy with stakeholders: 

Sex Workers and Injecting Drug Users are the most discriminated and stigmatised section of the society in this part of the world and so they are unable to carry out their profession openly. Moreover, they are abused and harassed by law enforcing agencies, pressure groups and community leaders. As such, the society spends a good of time and energy on advocacies with stakeholders trying to create a friendly environment for target group and in the year 2006-07, the society educated and sensitized all the Goan Boras (Village leaders) on HIV/AIDS & STI, Drug Abuse and the problems of our target groups. As a result, there has been reduction in the rate harassments to our target groups from all quarters. 

5) Needle and Syringe exchange programme: 

Needle & Syringe exchange programme is one of the major components of the Targeted Intervention project among injecting drug users. In the first place client is identified, counsel and given sufficient knowledge on harm reduction process. After that the clients is entitle to have those staff free of cost. At the same time clients are instructed to return back the used needle and syringe and get the fresh one from the unit. It is done to ensure proper utilization of needle and syringe. During the reporting period 656 IDUs were reached out and all the identified clients have accepted the needles and syringes exchange programmes.  

6) Networking with NGOs and other institutions/organisations: 

“United we stand divided we fall” is a proverb which Akimbo Society value and carry out its activities in collaboration with neighbouring NGOs. At present, Akimbo society works jointly with 35 NGOs who are working in the field of HIV/AIDS & STI in preventing the spread of the deadly virus in Nagaland. Besides that the society liaison with other NGOs working in the field of de-addiction, rural development, gender issues, health issues etc. for sharing information and their experience.

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