Mission & Aim


1. Empowerment of the people particularly women, children and youth through participatory approach

2. Revival of the rich culture and traditions among the youth and children

3. Sustainable development of the underprivileged

Aims and Objectives: 

1. To reach out to the weaker sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, tribe, sex, cultural and political affiliations.

2. To take up programmes on development of women and children by providing primary health care services, education etc.

3. To educate the people on awareness of health, family planning, sanitation, immunization and environment protection.

4. To provide care and shelter to destitute, the aged and the handicapped as far as practicable. 

5. To encourage the unemployed under privileged women and youth to adopt income generation scheme, encourage community participation and initiation for self-reliance.

6. To provide social amenities in rural areas like safe drinking water, approached roads, recreational centre etc.

7. To create awareness among people on drug addiction, prostitution HIV/AIDS & STD/AIDS and STI and other social evils.

8. To take up special literacy programmes in rural areas.

9. To uphold traditional customs, culture and costumes among the young generation.

10. To uphold and support human rights, rights of women, equality of sex to education, properties etc. through mass      education

11. To mobilize and find out resources for smooth running of the society.

12. To establish linkage with competent agencies for attaining aims and objectives of the society in an outside the country.

13. To publish reviews, newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets, posters and others.

14. To do all other lawful things which are incidental or conductive of the objects of the society?  

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